Dr. William Reichenstein, CFA

(254) 710-6146

Office: Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, Office 355

Dr. William Reichenstein, CFA, holds the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor University.  He is an Associate Editor of Journal of Investing, on the Editorial Board of Journal of Financial Education, on the Editorial Review Board of Journal of Financial Planning, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Applied Business Research.  He is a consultant to TIAA-CREF.  He is past president of the Southwestern Finance Association.  He served two terms as Associate Editor of Financial Services Review and served on the Review Board of the Research Foundation of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts.

He received the Teacher-of-the-Year Award in Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Top Professor Award at the University of North Texas, and a teaching award at Baylor University.  He received the Researcher of the Year Award at Baylor University in 1999 and Outstanding Researcher Awards in finance at the University of North Texas in 1988, 1989, and 1990.

Dr. Reichenstein has written more than fifty articles for professional and academic journals.  He is a frequent contributor to Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Portfolio Management, and Journal of Investing.  His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Forbes, Smart Money, and elsewhere and he is frequently quoted in newspapers throughout this country.